Real Estate

Building a successful real estate portfolio and managing it requires a skill set that crosses many professional disciplines. Through our real estate specialist, which is part of the Knox group of companies, clients can now access a comprehensive resource that will be able to offer guidance not only on an existing real estate portfolio but new real estate acquisitions and their future development.


As a real estate investor, developer and strategic asset manager their team comprises experienced senior professionals who demonstrate an exemplary record of identifying and delivering outstanding performance from real estate. They evaluate and implement a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to real estate investment and development, driving maximum value and investor returns through market intelligence, deal selection and a proactive approach.

In addition, their strong reputation in the industry, forged over a number of years, provides access to off-market opportunities. They undertake detailed due diligence on every transaction to ensure forecast returns are robust and deliverable. Their approach applies both upside and downside risk return analysis and our experience that covers all sectors of the real estate market. Our real estate specialist will act as the Investment Manager and Strategic Asset Manager on behalf of the investor. They will undertake the following services, acting in the best interests of the investor at all times.

Acquisition Service

Acquisition Service

The real estate specialist will act as the principal and undertake the following activities:

  • Analyse the proposed investment or
  • Undertake all the pre offer due diligence
  • Negotiate the purchase price and an
    exclusivity agreement
  • Coordinate the external professional teams
    integral to the acquisition due diligence
  • Source, appraise and recommend the senior
    debt facility
  • Advise on options to mitigate tax liabilities
Strategic Asset Service

Strategic Management

Our specialist acts as the strategic asset manager to implement the pre-agreed business plan. Services  include:

  • Development management
  • Collection of rental income and service charge
  • Instructing managing agents to ensure efficient management
  • Negotiating to improve rental revenue
  • Implement strategies to mitigate vacant business rates payable
  • Manage capital allowance claims
  • Report on a regular and timely basis
Disposal Services

Disposal Services

Once value is created, our Real Estate specialist will:

  • • Advise the investor on the optimum time to dispose of the asset
  • • Coordinate the disposal strategy
  • • Appoint specialist consultants to speed up the disposal process
  • • Negotiate disposal terms to achieve the best sale price
  • • If applicable, obtain necessary release of security
  • • Act as principal to project manage the disposal

Yachting Services

Superyachts are sophisticated, complex vessels and with rapid technological developments and subject to frequent regulatory changes.


To assist owners to manage their superyachts efficiently our Yachting Specialist offers a comprehensive package of yacht ownership and fiduciary solutions, from international yacht registration, management, administration and crew payroll, to structuring ownership that maximises operational facilities and minimises tax liabilities. Our yachting specialist, which is part of the Knox group of companies, also oversees every aspect of the yacht’s day to day and long term administration.

With in-house specialist expertise our yachting specialist is in a unique position to deliver a tailored solution that not only matches the owner’s requirements, but is of vital assistance to the captain and their crew. As part of the Knox group of companies, the services of the yachting specialist can be integrated with those of other companies within this dynamic organisation including tax advisory, financing solutions and fiduciary services.


Yacht Ownership Structures

Our yachting specialist can advise and create tailored ownership structures that are both tax efficient and able to achieve maximum operational efficiencies.

EU Yacht Importation

EU Yacht Importation

Our yachting specialist can assist owners with the EU importation of their commercially registered yachts. Yachting services also extend to assisting owners with full and temporary importation of their private vessels.

Yacht Registration

Yacht Registration & Representation

A key decision that has to be made by owners prior to enjoying the new yacht is the choice of Flag and Registry. Our yachting specialist can register both commercial and private yachts with all internationally recognised ship registries.

Yacht Management

Yacht Management & Administration

Their yachting service aims to remove the administrative burden from yacht owners and covers all aspects of yacht management and administration, which can be tailored according to the level of assistance required by owners and their captains.

Aviation Services

Our aviation specialist offers a comprehensive package of aircraft ownership and fiduciary solutions from aircraft registration, management and administration to structuring ownership that maximises operational facilities and minimises tax liabilities. They handle every aspect of the aircraft’s day-to-day and long term administration and operational issues.


As part of the Knox group of companies, their services can be seamlessly tied in with other services available from this dynamic organisation including tax advisory, financing solutions and fiduciary services. The services available through our Aviation specialists include:

  • • Aircraft sales and purchase
  • • Tax efficient ownership structure
  • • Handling of VAT and customs duties
  • • Structuring solutions for asset protection
EU Aircraft Importation

EU Aircraft Importation

Our aviation specialist works closely with a network of market leaders in tax and VAT advisory services. Their seamless financial management solution includes the option to import the aircraft into the EU via the Isle of Man, ensuring all VAT and duty liabilities have been accounted for and granting the aircraft free circulation within the EU. Our specialist will arrange all associated administration and paperwork to include:

  • Company formation
  • VAT registration
  • Economic Operation Registration and Identification (EORI) number
  • Obtaining evidence of VAT paid status (C88A)
  • Use of VAT deferment account, to avoid the requirement of physical payment of import VAT
Aviation Solutions

Aircraft Registration

the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, our aviation specialists are well positioned to register aircraft and helicopters on the very sought after and highly reputable M-Register. The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has built a strong reputation for providing excellent customer focused service for the registration of private and corporate jets. The Registry offers aircraft owners the following benefits:

  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix “M” (for example M-YJET, M-KNOX)
  • High regulatory standard
  • High service levels and award winning international reputation
  • Secure mortgage register
  • European time zone

Other Aviation Services


 Insurance Administration, management and operations


Art & Collectables

Treasured artwork, jewellery, watches, cars, wine and other lifestyle collectables require considerable care and protection. We understand the high value that clients place on their collections.

Knox Private Office can offer services that assist families to protect and ensure that such treasures remain protected as their values increase or for many clients as a legacy for future generations. We can assist in the acquisition, assist with valuations by qualified experts and ensure that clients preserve the safe ownership of items in their collections in structures that will survive multi generations.

Art & Collectables


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