Fiduciary Services

Trusts, Foundations, Companies and Partnerships play a vitally important role in the lives of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs and their families. Many Internationally mobile clients use a combination of these vehicles to administer, grow and protect their assets and wealth for future generations.


Within the Knox group of companies we have a regulated, award winning Trust & Corporate Services Provider whose considerable depth of expertise, experience and knowledge in the field of offshore fiduciary services is unrivalled. Such technical excellence enables them to create and manage structures bespoke to client requirements, thereby addressing their wealth protection, tax mitigation and estate planning needs simultaneously and seamlessly.

Their service is delivered within the Isle of Man’s protective regulatory and legislative framework and the fiduciary services specialist operates with the necessary licences issued by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

A key aspect of the fiduciary service delivered, whether establishing a new bespoke structure or assuming responsibility for the on-going administration of a client’s existing affairs is the time and resource dedicated to establishing the specific needs of the client and forging a long term relationship built on understanding and trust.

In establishing such relationships, the day to day management of all structures is underpinned through a fiduciary duty of care and includes the relationships between trustees and their beneficiaries and company promoters and directors. Acting in the beneficiary’s best interests at all times is at the forefront of advice and guidance given.

Our fiduciary specialist has vast experience in acting for ultra high net worth clients allowing them to plan, structure and manage their affairs in the best possible fashion.

Yacht Management

Asset Holdings

A wide variety of assets can be held securely within the structures including:

  • Investment portfolios
  • Commercial real estate and development projects
  • Residential real estate
  • Private/family company shares
  • Private equity investments
  • Intellectual property
  • Private commercial and pleasure yachts
  • Private aircraft
  • Artwork and antiques
  • Bloodstock
Aviation Solutions

Fiduciary Solutions

Our fiduciary specialist can offer all of the following solutions:

  • UK property structures: structuring and management
  • LLP planning for UK corporate clients
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Single and Multi-Family Office set up and management
  • Isle of Man Government Tier 1: solution & capability
  • Yachting and Aircraft: importation, registration & management services
  • Structuring for wider luxury asset classes
  • Domicile & Migration planning
  • Succession and Asset Protection planning
  • Sports and Media services
Complimentary Fiduciary Services

Complimentary Fiduciary Services

Our fiduciary specialist can offer all of the following services to compliment these solutions:

The creation of Offshore Trusts, Foundations and LLPs

Formation, registration and on-going management of Isle of Man and multi jurisdiction and internationally domiciled companies and LLPs

Comprehensive range of services to both International Private and Corporate clients

Provision of professional, independent corporate and individual trustees and corporate officers

Provision of full on-going professional fiduciary and company secretarial administration services ensuring full compliance with all the current requirements of relevant legislation

You will engage with experienced practitioners ensuring that your affairs are administered to the highest standards, pursuant to the legislative and taxation boundaries

Additional services include:

Full corporate governance provision

VAT registration (if required)

Daily bookkeeping and preparation of annual financial statements

Acting as a Registered Agent and Registered Office

Tax Investigations

We work closely with another part of the Knox group of companies that specialises in tax investigations. When a UK tax dispute arises, it is important that the client receives specialist advice and support as early as possible.


When a UK tax dispute arises, it is important that the client receives specialist advice and support as early as possible. Our tax investigation specialists have an in-depth understanding of HMRC’s risk assessment approach, current initiatives and legislation. The breadth of the team’s experience enables them to give informed and objective advice as well as minimise the stress, disruption and costs of a tax dispute. The team guide their clients through the process of reaching a solution with HMRC, and effectively as possible for their particular tax issue.

Our tax investigation specialists help clients with


  Resolving all types of tax disputes and tax enquiries

  Serious tax investigations under codes of Practice 8 & 9

  Voluntary disclosures  including offshore assets and foreign income

  Settling historic tax positions 

  Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) and Follower Notices

  Alternative dispute resolution

  Appeals to tax tribunals


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