Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

A beautiful residence in a new country or providing an extra base for the client and their family in London, can take considerable time and effort to source and negotiate.


In a fast moving real estate market, such as London, properties come on the market and are sold on the same day – the more desirable the location the quicker the sold sign is erected.

Creating and transforming the property to meet the client’s needs may stretch their patience as they discuss and agree architect plans, colour palettes, furnishings and landscaping. Time better spent on more pressing matters.

Through our team of specialists across the various companies within the Knox group of companies, Knox Private Office can provide an overarching solution for discerning clients acquiring uk and overseas property. All services will be delivered through a single point of contact.

Our real estate specialist can work off the client’s brief of preferred location, asset class and budget to locate appropriate properties for the client to view.

our real estate specialist is often able to secure information on a property before it is listed on the open market and in areas where demand is high, this has proved very advantageous for clients.

Working with specialised UK and international funding partners our lending specialist has current intelligence on the types of funding available, the active lenders in the various real estate sectors and their appetite levels.

Our Lending Specialist can also assist where the property is not located in the UK. They work with a panel of international lending partners and can assist with sourcing the right financial structure for overseas real estate.

Our fiduciary specialist will be able to offer advice on the most efficient structures to buy, hold and sell high value UK real estate and will incorporate the correct structure.

On completion, our Concierge Service can offer relocation assistance.

Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate has traditionally been a sound investment offering economies of scale, additional cash flow and the potential of large payoffs at disposal.


Sourcing and managing commercial real estate is an area that our Real Estate specialist has considerable expertise and experience of offering those wanting to participate in the commercial real estate market.

Our real estate specialist evaluates and implements a strategic and entrepreneurial approach to investing in commercial real estate. Their objective will be to deliver maximum risk adjusted returns through market intelligence, deal selection and a proactive approach to asset management.

Due to their reputation and longstanding in the industry, our real estate specialist often gains access to off-market opportunities. They will undertake due diligence on every transaction to ensure forecast returns are robust and deliverable.

Our lending specialist will be able to guide the client on the available funding options, the active lenders and appetite levels. Whole loans provided by the same institution, but accommodating both the senior and stretched debt element (mezzanine) at a blended margin are a relatively new development in the real estate sector.

Such an arrangement works well in reducing the equity contribution for the right cases. With “whole of Market” knowledge, our Funding Specialist will provide comprehensive, independent advice based on current market information.

Our fiduciary specialist will offer advice that not only considers the best holding structure for a new portfolio, but they will also review the position if there is an existing portfolio of commercial real estate. Our fiduciary specialist will then proceed to incorporate the most effective holding structure as required by the client.

On completion, the real estate specialist can offer ongoing asset management services. the client’s investment objectives will be considered and a business plan drawn up and agreed.

Apart from the operational good running of the property the real estate specialist will also support any legal, financial and accounting matters when required. They will also make recommendations to the client on the most appropriate exit strategy.


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