UK Relocation

UK Relocation

Having residences across the globe is a necessity for some clients and many opt to relocate to London and make it their primary base, particularly as it regularly features as one of the best places in the world to live.


The Knox Private Office team are experienced in working to a client’s brief to identify a suitable location based on their needs for access to commercial or private airports and motorways, or to identify real estate in the client’s already identified preferred location. A detailed report can be prepared with recommendations and full information provided on locations to consider, a shortlist of residential properties, details of private schools, and airports available dependent on the air travel arrangements the client has.

Our Private Office services can also involve working with local estate agents and lawyers to oversee the transaction. In addition the team can look after the sourcing of school places and any other specific requirements involved.

Our team of fiduciary specialists can provide advice in relation to the move to the UK in terms of residency and domicile and also in relation to the purchase of the property. Working with specialised funding partners our lending specialist can assist in obtaining the funding on the property.

For the client moving from overseas, we can also assist with advice and structuring in relation to the registration of yachts or aircraft if required.

Once in the UK, Knox Private Office can liaise with the client on a continuous basis to provide UK support to their family office.


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