Yachting Solutions


Yacht ownership is not an arbitrary acquisition, but a journey into a lifestyle that is not constrained by boundaries. It is a journey of enjoying life beyond every day life, travelling at a pace and time that suits the individual, an environment of complete privacy. It is a well-informed yachtsman who understands that enjoyable yacht ownership starts with the right acquisition and knowledgeable advisers to guide them throughout the course of their ownership.


Through our team of specialists across the various companies within the Knox group of companies, Knox Private Office can provide an overarching solution for discerning clients acquiring a Super Yacht. All services will be delivered through a single point of contact.

Working with specialised UK and international funding partners our financing solutions specialist can assist on the yacht acquisition by overseeing and leading all aspects of any financing from the inception of a transaction to its conclusion. Their aim will be to structure competitive financial solutions for the financing or refinancing of the vessel. Help with managing the balloon payment of the maturing finance can also be arranged. This could include a Loan, Finance Lease or Operating Lease along with Pre Delivery Payments for a new delivery.

To ensure the yacht is protected and taking into consideration the global jurisdictions, our yacht specialists will provide a tailored ownership structure that is both tax efficient and offers operational efficiencies. This will include providing VAT advice on both commercial and private ownership.

Once acquired, our yacht specialist can assist owners with the EU importation of commercial yachts, and where appropriate with the full and temporary importation of private vessels. Our yacht specialists can advise on a suitable flag registry for the yacht based on operating requirements.

Management and administration needs to be handled efficiently and effectively. We can remove the administrative burden from yacht owners and offer all aspects of management and administration tailoring our yachting services to the level of assistance required. Through our yacht specialist we can arrange for Yacht surveys to be undertaken with recognised and qualified yacht surveyors and can assist with technical surveys.

Our aim is to enable clients to fully enjoy the ownership of their yacht, content in the knowledge that they have the vessel in safe hands.