Clay Knox deals with a large proportion of studio and independent productions. With over 40 years knowledge in dealing with every aspect of taxation regarding the actors and actresses, behind camera personnel and structuring of the production company,  we can offer a service that is second to none in the industry.


Non-UK Resident Individuals

Behind Camera Personnel (Including Directors and Producers)

  • Considering Residency position
  • Reviewing PAYE obligations
  • Review of expense payments
  • Considering National Insurance / Social Security obligations
  • Filing personal income tax returns
  • Review of the VAT obligations


In Front of Camera Personnel

  • Reviewing Withholding Tax obligations
  • Considering expense payments
  • Considering filming jurisdictions
  • Reviewing any Social Security obligations
  • Dealing with Withholding Tax application and negotiating settlement prior to departure
  • Dealing with any residual UK tax matters, including box office payments
  • Structuring contracts


UK Tax Resident Individuals

  • Reviewing Employment structure, status and tax planning
  • Considering expense payments
  • Reviewing the National Insurance position
  • Dealing with the filing of Tax Returns
  • Reviewing VAT obligations
  • Providing Business Management


Working Outside of Home Country/UK

  • Advice on working in all jurisdictions, both EU and non EU

For more information about how we help people working in film & TV, please contact Nick Parkinson.