Renewable technologies use natural energy to make electricity. Fuel sources include wind, wave, marine, hydro, biomass and solar. It is also made using sources of natural energy that are quickly replaced, such as biomass. Renewables produce more than 20% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets means that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020.

In the UK there are several schemes that provide financial support for renewable energy. These schemes encourage technological development and wider adoption of renewables which in turn lead to economies of scale and lower costs. Although the government closed the old FIT scheme, a new scheme was opened for new low carbon technology types, which became an attractive investment. In addition, more companies go green and use clean energy as their power resource.

Clay Knox can provide audit and accounting services to companies investing in renewable energy. In particular, we deal with clients who invest in operating wind farms, solar farms, micro combined heat and power, hydro and anaerobic digestion technologies.

For more information about how we can help people working in the Renewable Energy sector, please contact Agi Ambrosewicz.