Trusted Advisers. Collective Experience. Bespoke Solutions.

Knox Private Office sits at the heart of the Knox group of companies and works together with wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs and their families to help them achieve their objectives.

Our range of Private Office services are designed to support your clients’ passions, beliefs and ideals that transcend wealth preservation and family office services with the objective of creating and protecting wealth.

By utilising our Private Office, clients can reduce stress and gain back time that otherwise would have been spent managing a myriad of arrangements – time better spent with their family and friends, enjoying the fruits of their success.


At Knox Private Office, our approach is individual to each client.

By acting as a conduit to the Knox group of companies, our approach reaches beyond the conventional family office and wealth management services. We take a holistic view to cover the entire spectrum of a client’s family wealth, from long-term strategic planning and efficient management of physical assets to day to day advice and administration.

Our advisory role reflects the strength of our relationships that are cherished, professionally managed and delivered with utmost discretion.

OUR Covenant to clients

Realising client aspirations and addressing their concerns underpins the strong relationship we form. Their Journey, Our Guidance. A Trusted Adviser for both business and family life. This is our covenant to clients.


Trusted Advisers. Collective Experience. Bespoke Solutions.